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How to program the “TV-part” of a Yamaha V465 receiver remote

When I got my brothers old TV a little while back we were using the remote for the TV-decoder to turn the TV on and off. Since we now longer have a TV-decoder I need to program the AV-receiver remote instead. The Yamaha RX-V465 AV-receiver have buttons to control the TV at the bottom, but no information about how to program them in the manual. After a bit of googling I found the answer on

  1. Press the CODE SET
  2. Then choose [A] or [b] from the Input selection keys
  3. Enter the code for your TV

If everything worked out the Transmit light should blink twice.

Keyboard trouble in Ubuntu

I’ve recently installed Ubuntu on my old MacBook Pro (2006), with Norwegian keyboard layout. I couldn’t write $ | \ and other much needed characters for a programmer / LaTeX enthusiast. I dug around in the System Settings | Keyboard Layout | Options and found Key to choose 3rd level. I ticked off for Left Alt and my keyboard behaved as expected again!

Batch add prefix to filenames windows 7

I had a bit of a challenge wading through heaps of blogs and pages trying to find the easiest way to batch add a prefix to filenames. I wanted to add a prefix to all files in a folder, preferably using a vanilla windows command line prompt. The rename (ren) command was a good candidate, but I had some trouble with wild cards. To get it right I had to loop through the files.

The command I ended up using was:

for %f in (*.*) do rename “%f” “prefix-%f”

This will add “prefix” to all files in that folder.

The simple life

When I travelled Australia as a backpacker back in 2007-2008 I did quite a few different organised tours. Most where through tour companies for backpackers, but a few where a a bit more luxurious. In my experience I now remember the tours with the more “basic” groups better than the more posh ones. I think the reason for this is the shared mindset in the group, where people are after the experience and not ticking of places they’ve been. And it’s also a lot more social sitting around a camp fire eating dinner, than at separate tables in a restaurant-like set-up.

I read an article in the New York Times a few days ago called The Haimish Line where David Brooks talks about his trip to Africa. His family had the same experience I had, where the more basic camps had the better experience.

My advice if you go travelling is to think about what you want before you book tours. Is it a trip where you want peace and privacy, or do you want a more engaging experience?

And a tip for a really nice (but quite basic) tour through Australia’s wilderness, I’d recommend Heading Bush, from Adelaide to Alice Springs.

Responsible timing?

A week and a half ago now, I came across a blog post I knew I had to comment on, The Last IRRESPONSIBLE Moment. I’ve never really thought about being irresponsible by leaving tasks to what seems to be the last responsible opportunity. It really is irresponsible to use the last opportunity to do something, what if something interferes?


Slutt på kommentarfeltene?

Jeg fikk endelig tid til å lese Eirik Newths innlegg, Å faen. Eller: Derfor bør avisene droppe kommentarfeltet, om kommentarfeltene hos nettavisene i kveld. Jeg må si meg enig med han, kommentarfeltene hos de store avisene bør fjernes.

Det finnes, som Newth nevner, steder på nettet hvor kommentarfeltet fungerer utmerket, men det finnes alt for mange steder hvor de gjør vondt verre. Det er på tide å fjerne de.

Personal names in applications

Yet another interesting find on the interweb: Personal names around the world over at W3. It was a bit of a eye opener to me, even though I do have a name that get me in trouble several times each year. There are more variation to personal names than I thought, and I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future.


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